Big Congrats in order for Jade “Red” Wheatley, David “Barney” Miller

Saturday night, Feb. 18, 2017, in Newcastle, NSW was a monumental night for the Adaptive Surfing community.

Team Australia’s Jade “Red” Wheatley and David “Barney” Miller were both awarded for their dedication to Adaptive Surfing at the Australian Surfing Awards, pushing the sport to new heights as they were represented on the same stage as surfing’s elite.

Jade "Red" Wheatley (left), with his ASB Greater Good Award. Photo: Surfing Australia

Jade "Red" Wheatley (left), with his ASB Greater Good Award. Photo: Surfing Australia

Wheatley won the ASB Greater Good Award for his campaign, The Walk for Waves, an 11-day coastal walk from Newcastle to Manly. Wheatley, a double leg amputee and skillful surfer, created the walk to raise awareness and funding for Adaptive Surfing in Australia. The walk culminated in a group of Adaptive Surfers climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and raised close to $7000 for the Adaptive Surfers of Australia.

 The film “You and Me: The David ‘Barney’ Miller Story” won the Nikon Surf Video of the Year Award. The movie follows the incredibly powerful and emotionally uplifting journey through the struggles and obstacles Barney and his soulmate Kate face in achieving their collective goals.

With a second place finish at the 2016 World Adaptive Surfing Championship, Miller had quite an impressive year.

Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart was also nominated for the prestigious Male Surfer of the Year Award. He was topped by WSL standout Matt Wilkinson, showing just how much the sport of Adaptive Surfing has progressed in recent years.

Congratulations to all the athletes whose hard work was recognized, keep up the great work!

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