We want to give a deserving adaptive surfer a free surfboard, and we want you to help us decide who gets it!

How it works:

1. Nominate deserving adaptive surfers at www.adaptivesurfing.com until June 16, 2017
(please note, each person can only nominate one adaptive surfer and nominations will only be counted if email addresses provided are valid)

2. Share the Adaptive Surfing Magazine Surfboard Give-Away Contest on social media, in e-newsletters, with friends, family, volunteers, staff members, organization members, peers, colleagues, neighbors, strangers and anyone else that wants to help support Adaptive Surfing, so they can make their nominations as well.

3. The adaptive surfer with the most nominations by the deadline wins any surfboard they choose made by FireWire Surfboards, Kelly Slater Designs, or Tomo Surfboards (stock permitting)