Below is a comprehensive and ever-expanding list of organizations across the world that are catering to the Adaptive Surfing community and any person looking to get involved.



Mission: To get people with disabilities in the water and on a surfboard
Population Served: Any individuals who have disabilities
Location: Honolulu, HI



Adaptive Expeditions

Mission: Using sports and recreation to offer health and wellness programs to individuals with disabilities
Population Served: Any individuals who have physical and sensory disabilities
Location: Charleston, SC


Adaptive Surf Project

Mission: Design, produce, and give away surfboards adapted to fit the needs of those who have a physical limitation
Population Served: Any individuals who have physical disabilities
Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina


Adaptive Surfers of Australia

Mission: Support adaptive surfers and ensure they have the opportunity to progree
Population Served: Adaptive surfers in Australia
Location: Coolangatta, Queensland


Adaptive Surfing South Africa

Mission: To give disabled people freedom through surfing
Population Served: Any individuals who have disabilities in South Africa
Location: South Africa



Mission: Promote, inspire, educate, and rehabilitate people with disabilities through adaptive surfing and other activities
Population Served: Any individuals who have disabilities
Location: Pismo Beach, CA and around the East Coast


Best Day Foundation

Mission: To enable children and young adults with special needs to build confidence and stretch their limits through adventure activities
Population Served: Children and young adults with autism, blindness, cancer, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, down syndrome, muscular dystrophy, or other injurt, illness, or developmental disorder. 
Location: Florida, New Jersey, Orange County CA, San Diego CA, Santa Barbara CA, and Ventura CA


Challenged Athletes Foundation

Mission: To provide opportunities and support to people with physical challenges, so they can pursue active lifestyles through physical fitness and competitive activity
Population Served: Individuals who have physical disabilities
Location: San Diego, CA


Encinitas Lions Club

Mission: To encourage service-minded people to serve their community
Population Served: Individuals who are blind and sight-impaired. 
Location: Encinitas, CA


Extreme Abilities

Mission: Promoting active and adaptive lifestyles to differently abled people and breaking boundaries with new creative approaches
Population Served: Individuals who are less fortunate and have disabilities in South Africa
Location: South Africa


F Your Limit

Mission: To help adaptive people to join in the sport and enjoy the emotions it can give them
Population Served: Adaptive athletes who would like to take on new challenges as well as those with disabilities wanting to participate and test their limits
Location: Newquay, Cornwall



Mission: To ensure the accessibility for people with disabilities, throughout the French territory, through the practice of sliding sports recognized by the French Federation of Surfing
Population Served: Surfers with disabilities in France
Location: Bayonne, France


International Surfing Association (ISA)

Mission: To develop surfing globally
Population Served: Surfers across the globe
Location: La Jolla, CA


Jimmy Miller Foundation

Mission: To combine recreational and occupational therapies with the sport of surfing in order to provide a unique ocean therapy program to veterans and community youth free of charge
Population Served: US Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Battalion-West, Veterans from West LA Veterans Hospital, and youth from several care and shelter facilities for at-risk and foster children
Location: Camp Pendleton, CA and Manhattan Beach, CA


Life Rolls On

Mission: Surf and skate events for wheelchair athletes to inspire freedom beyond paralysis
Population Served: Young people affected by spinal cord injury
Location: Marina del Rey, CA


Mauli Ola Foundation

Mission: To provide hope and confidence to individuals living with genetic diseases by harnessing the healing powers of the ocean, introducing surfing and ocean-based activities as natural therapies.
Population Served: Any person living with a genetic disease
Location: Aliso Viejo, Ca

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Naval Medical Center San Diego Surf Clinic

Mission: To introduce a holistic approach to the healing process in order to benefit wounded warriors both physically, emotionally, and socially
Population Served: All military with injuries and/or disabilities
Location: San Diego, CA


Ocean Cure

Mission: Using healing properties of the ocean to create uplifting experiences and provide a feeling of normalcy to participants
Population Served: Individuals who have physical or mental impairments
Location: Carolina Beach, North Carolina


Operation Surf by Amazing Surf Adventures

Mission: To develop community programs which utilize surfing, along with other activities, to help individuals change their perspective and overcome their personal challenges.
Population Served: Veterans, those struggling with physical and mental disabilities, and children affected by cancer
Location: Santa Cruz and the Central Coast, CA

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Shaka Surf Camp - Ocean Healing Group

Mission: To provide children in wheelchairs and their families with the vacation of a lifetime and the opportunity to surf in the warm waters of Costa Rica
Population Served: Disabled children and their families
Location: Costa Rica

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Stoke for Life Foundation

Mission: To help those with disabilities get in the water for the first time, and/or train to compete, and provide the necessary equipment for each individual’s need
Population Served: Disabled individuals
Location: Carlsbad, CA


Surf 4 All Project

Mission: to provide persons with disabilities a beginning approach to the sport of surfing.
Population Served: any person with a physical disability
Location: Livorno, Italy

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Mission: To bring the beach to people with physical or other disabilities to allow them to enjoy the waves while breaking down boundaries of what they can accomplish
Population Served: People with disabilities and the surf schools that serve them
Location: Carcavelos, Portugal


Surf Dog Ricochet – Waves of Empowerment

Mission: A collaborative mentorship and comradeship program made up of military and civilian volunteers. It focuses on the human-canine bond while creating unique surfing and empowerment building activities that unite kids with special needs, people with disabilities, wounded warriors and military with PTSD.
Population Served: Active duty service members and veterans with combat PTSD, TBI’s or other injuries. Kids with special needs, physical challenges, social isolation or health issues. Adults with physical, emotional or social challenges. 
Location: San Diego, CA


Surf Education Academy

Mission: hosts educational programs to promote safety, efficacy, and best practices for Surfing Development.
Population Served: the entire surfing community
Location: San Diego, Ca


Surfers Healing

Mission: To take kids with autism surfing to challenge preconcieved notions of capability and empower them to engage with the world.
Population Served: Children with autism
Location: San Juan Capistano, CA additional camps in Sydney, Perth, Mexico and the East Coast, and Southern California

Surfers Not Street Children.jpg

Surfers Not Street Children

Mission: To empower ex-street children as they move towards adulthood through surfing and mentorship
Population Served: Children living on the streets of South Africa
Location: Durban, South Africa

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Surfing Madonna

Mission: To bring community together to save the ocean through education, conservation, and helping children with special needs experience the healing power of surfing
Population Served: Children with special needs
Location: Encinitas, CA


Team Quinn

Mission: Community of fans and supporters of Quinn Waitley and other adaptive athletes who compete in many different sports and activities.
Population Served: Anybody looking to get involved in supporting the adaptive community
Location: San Diego, CA

Urban Surf 4 Kids.png

Urban Surf 4 Kids

Mission: To remove the “underprivileged” label on youths from urban communities and replace it with “empowered” through surfing and giving back to their communities through service projects
Population Served: Orphan and foster children, at risk youth
Location: San Diego, CA and Daytona Beach, FL


Western Surfing Association (WSA)

Mission: To promote and preserve the sport of surfing through fun, family-oriented  surf competitions. 
Population Served: Young surfers in Southern California
Location: San Clemente, CA